Gallery of the Floating Bed


Photo Gallery of the Floating Bed. You can customize indoor or outdoor, decorate, or choose from the options below.

Custom Architectural Installation   Custom Gazebo and Dining Area
Bedroom Decor   As seen on Extreme Makeover, ABC TV in Child's Fantasy Bedroom
On a Deck   On a Deck
Floating Bed   Floating Bed
Camping   With Sunshade and Top Cap
Floating Bed   Floating Bed
Retreat Space   Spa
Great Room   Bedroom Charm
  Floating Bed
Poolside with Sunshade   Family Room
Floating Bed Options    
Floating Bed  
Tent Door Open   Aluminum 4-Pod Stand
The ultimate party accessory with stand   Customized hanging from chain
  Floating Bed
Sheepskins   Navajo Home Floating over the Kiva
4-Pod stand with lumber   Bed customized with chains
Bed folded - easy to hold   Custom mounting bracket
Add a beam mounting bracket   Stainless Steel Hoop



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